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Mitchell Street


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Wilson Lane

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The curved form of building facing Wills Street has been designed to draw your eye towards the northern edge, whilst at Garsed Street the park is in stark contrast the commercial frontages that dominate the public realm. These two features combine to invite pedestrians into a weather protected and vibrant laneway that will be home to boutique retail and hospitality businesses and also serve as the private entry, to the residential levels above.

Being below what will be Bendigo’s most sought after business hub as well as three levels of housing, the laneway will be activated by the community that share the building. This, combined with the striking form of the building and its role as a pedestrian link from the Bendigo Market Place/ Railway Station to the historical CBD, makes it easy to see why Wilson Lane will be a celebrated and iconic place within Bendigo.




Mitchell Street


Currently leased to Ex-Lion Tamer, a designed collision of a few friends who wanted to create an inviting, stylish and comfortable environment for locals. With the hope you’ll bring your friends and families to enjoy their offer of good, honest and humble food and drink.


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